Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Pinterest- lately I have been obsessing over Pinterest more than usual... All I want to do is pin! Home decor, wedding stuff, stuff for ally, and DIY!
2. Shopping- I've been slightly addicted lately so I'm gonna try to not go over $100 for two weeks. Y'all should be proud that I passed up on several things that I wanted. 
3. Weather- it's cold. I don't do the cold. I think I'll move to Cali. Enough said.
4. Big time rush- I'm not embarrassed to say that I will (okay maybe a little) be going to big time rush with my sister tonight. Well weather premetting. See above. My best friend one tickets and she is going to college out of state so naturally she gave them to me. Love you Shelby! I went to the concert last year with them and they really were good. Actually the year before that. I don't think I've listened to their music since then. Except maybe a song here and there on my phone. Am excited though because, let's face it, they are extremely attractive. ;)
5. Gallery wall- I'm really loving this right now. I'm currently working on get enough frames for one in ally's room and one in the entry way. 


  1. Love those gallery walls- looks like all that pinning you're doing is paying off! ;) Can't wait to see a picture of yours!!!

  2. I love gallery walls! I used to have one in my room (: Also, no shame in Big Time Rush, I'm a huge One Direction fan. I hope you got to go!
    Also, I checked out your Etsy. I'm an Etsy addict!!! <3

    - Lizzy