Friday, July 11, 2014

Oh Hey Friday: Vacation Plans

In just a few short days... six to be exact... I will be on my way to California with my Allison, my mom, my sister.  Cam will fly out and meet us there.  I must say that 21 hours in a car will be quite interesting with Allison... possibly crazy really.  Any vacationing tips with a baby would be greatly appreciated!  Below are a few places we will be visiting on our trip!
1. Disney Land- I can't wait to take a picture with Cameron, Ally & Mickey.  Allison just ADORES Mickey!
2. Roswall, NM- On the way up we will be stopping here and visiting a UFO musuem!
3. Hollywood- We will definitely spend a day here.  I am beyond excited!
4. Venice Beach- Okay so I am not 100% sure if we are going to Venice Beach, but we are going to a beach.  Last time we talked, this was what was decided.
5. Universal Studios- More scared than anything because I am definitely a fan of the more tamer rides.  Yes I am a wimp and no I am not scared to admit that.  Once upon a time my fianc√©, boyfriend at the time, and best friend decided to carry me all the way to the front of line at the batman ride in Six Flags.  It is safe to say I proudly walked all the way back and waited while they rode it.  Ha!

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