Sunday, January 26, 2014

One Month Favorites

One. Pampers Swaddlers Love these diaper. I have tried Kroger and Luvs. These are by far my favorite diapers. They have a yellow line that turns blue when she pees.

Two. Swaddle Me these are so much better than regular receiving blankets. All the ones I had were too small. She would kick out of the blanket in the middle of the night which would cause her to wake up. With this she is snug as a bug. :)

Three. Dr. Brown's Bottles I register only for Dr. Browns bottles but got other kinda as well. These are so awesome. Ally drinks out of them wonderfully. I will say not to bother with the 4 ounce ones though because before you know it your baby will move to 4 1/2 making those useless. 

Four. Boppy makes feedings go by so much smoother. It helps preventing your arm from going to sleep!

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