Monday, January 27, 2014

Pregnancy is not so bad

.... Well at least for me it wasn't.

One. My nails and hail grew long, strong, and fast. It was awesome.  Who doesn't love healthy nails?

Two. No period. Not cramping for at least 9 months is wonderful.

Three. You can eat as much as you want without any judgement. On a side note though, you should eat every thing you crave. Your post partum body will thank you for that later.

Four. No exercise for the same reason above.

Five. People have sympathy towards you. Let them open doors. Let them get you something across the room when they offer. Indulge in it while you can because soon it will be all about your little one. 
And last but not least…

Six. You are growing a human being. Your baby will be the most precious and important person in your life. Cherish they time you spend with him or her while they are in your belly. You are the only one that will ever share that bond with your baby.

Glossy Blonde

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