Monday, November 25, 2013

Pregnancy Essentials

1. Palmer's for Stretch Marks - I did not start using this particular brand until later on in my pregnancy.  At first I started using Mama Mio's tummy butter about at week 25.  I honestly suggest starting to use some kind of tummy butter as soon as you find out you are pregnant.  I like Palmer's more than Mama Mio because it is much cheaper and goes on better.  I feel like my skin is better with Palmer's than Mama Mio.
2. shoes - I highly recommend that you get a good comfortable pair of shoes when and if your feet start to swell.  It is miserable wearing a pair of shoes that is currently too small for your feet.  Honestly, once you get to your last month, the last thing you will be concerned about is how cute your shoes are.  I personally have been living in my Sanuk yoga mat sandals.  They are comfortable, cute, and simple.  With the cold weather coming in though, I have been wearing my black sequin Uggs.  They had always been a bit big on me so they fit better now with my swollen feet, go figure. :p 
3. body pillow I would definitely get a maternity or a regular body pillow as soon as possible.  I got the Snoogle Total Body Pillow and I absolutely love it!  It makes sleeping so much more pleasant and helps to keep me from rolling on my back.
4. tums I always keep tums on me.  You never know when heart burn or a tummy ache will kick in!
5. jacket This is only essential if you are going to pregnant when your jackets no longer fit in the winter.  I thought that I would be fine with my jackets but of course they would not zip up.  With temperatures dropping like crazy, I really regretted not buying a jacket sooner.  I thought it wasn't worth the expense.  But if it means I won't be sick will pregnant, the expense it completely worth it.  If you still don't want to buy a jacket, you can always borrow one from someone.
6. tank top it is comfortable and great for layering!  It is a must have for a maternity wardrobe.
7. leggings I love my maternity leggings!  They are so comfortable and very fashionable right now!
8.solid v-neck A cute basic top that you can wear in many different ways!
9. Pregnancy and Your Childbirth This book is very informative and is able to inform you with what is happening weekly to your body and baby.  It was given to me by my OB/GYN.  I would recommend you purchase some kind of book.  While the internet is helpful in answering questions, it is not always reliable so I like having a book to cross-reference! 

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