Thursday, October 3, 2013

30 weeks

This week, the baby is the size of: Acorn Squash
Due date: December 12, 2013
How far along: 30 weeks
Next appointment: October 15, it will be a regular check up and I will have my blood drawn again to check to see how my iron levels are doing. 
Total weight gain: I started at 112 and now I am at 131, so that puts me at 19 pounds! This is the same as last week. I haven't gained any weight between appointments which is strange. 
Gender: Girl, I get my little princess. :)
Exercise: walking doing my daily tasks is plenty
Stretch marks: Unfortunately.... :(
Swelling: No swelling!
Maternity clothes: Yes.  I'm getting really tired of wearing the same things repeatedly. 
Belly button: It's barely in and funny looking.
Sleep: Sleeping has it's hits and misses.
Food cravings and aversions: I really want iHop right now.
Symptoms: Lots of back pain, the doctor recommended going to the chiropractor. 
Labor signs: too early
Movement: She likes to move for her mommy. :)
What I miss: My java chip frap from Starbucks and coke.
What I am loving: feeling my ally kick!
What I am looking forward to: getting Ally's nursery painted and her furniture picked out!
Best moment of the week: sent out most of the baby shower invitations!!
News: Cam finally has some days off, woot woot! We have a lot of preparation to do with ally's nursery while he has off. Hopefully by this time next week her room will be painted, furniture will be bought, and put together!

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